The Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute has a license for performing of educational activities No. 1324 dated March, 18th 2015 and a certificate of state accreditation No. 1268 dated April, 20th 2015. Currently, approximately, 1500 students study in the five departments. The educational activities are performed for 5 enhanced groups: liberal arts, social sciences, education and pedagogy, culture and arts, economy and management and 34 majors.

       During his almost twenty years history, the Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute trained more than 7,500 thousand highly qualified specialists. The graduates of the Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute work at enterprises, schools, kindergartens, social care institutions, higher educational institutions etc.

       The Institute assigns an important role to the formation of basic professional competencies of its undergraduates. Besides the funds of educational process, the development of student voluntarism is aimed to meet these challenges: groups of volunteers work in kindergartens and boarding schools, in child care centers, animated groups in the parks of culture and recreation, in children’s camps and others. All students and teachers of the Institute are actively involved in charity events, providing comprehensive care for children from orphanages, from conflict zones etc.

       The Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute disposes a higher-education teaching and scientific personnel, including Doctors of Science – 30%, Masters of Science - 44% (total grade level - 74%). In recent years, the scientific laboratories according to the profiles of educational programs and also an educational and research center “Educational technologies of XXI century” were created in the higher educational institution. The teachers of the Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute have publications abroad, including, the index of Hirsch is 6.

       The higher educational institution actively involves foreign specialists in the educational process. The scientists of global renown read lectures: Alfried Langle (Austria), J. Andersen (USA), G. Voronina (Germany), P. Tsanev (Bulgaria) etc. The teachers and students of the higher educational institution take part in international conferences and seminars. The cooperation agreement with the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Mayflower College (city of Plymouth, Great Britain), University “Gotse Delchev” (city of Stip, Macedonia), Varna Free University “Cernorizec Hrabar” (Bulgaria), National Academy of Art Sofia (Bulgaria) were concluded, and also we are engaged in negotiations with the higher educational institutions of Germany, Poland, China and CIS.

       The Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute possesses a developed structure of additional professional education (more than 20 programs) in all areas of training performed in the Institute.

       The relevance of the training of specialists, capable to give assistance to a person in the process of social interactions at professional level is largely determined by the size of the country and need to overcome the social contradictions, and also by the number of people in need of qualified social and pedagogical assistance. The accumulated experience of the Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute in this area today is excellent basis for the work within the framework of international agreements concluded before and with expected foreign partners in the near future.