The scale of the country, depth and acuteness of social contradictions, number of people in need of social pedagogical assistance have created a unique situation of development of social and humanitarian knowledge and practical activities. The specialists who were able to provide professional assistance to a person in the process of social interaction were needed.

       The task of staff training in this area since 1996 has been performed by the Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute (MSPI).

       The mission of the higher professional institution consists of being a modern educational institution, aimed at developing of socially oriented professions and promotion of obtaining of a series of relevant professional competencies, providing a high level of competitiveness of its graduates on the labor market of Moscow and Russia.

       The Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute, despite its relative youth, already has its history, good traditions, good material and technical base and, therefore, it is pleased to welcome within its lecture halls to all students wishing to obtain a quality education that meets the modern standards and international requirements.

       The authorities of the Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute sets the following targets for the staff:

  • to prepare professional specialists on the demanded specialties;
  • to contribute to the development and personal growth of students, to stimulate their independent activities;
  • to perform an expert role in the field of social and pedagogical programs;
  • to participate in the relevant scientific activities.

       Our institute trains bachelors in the area of management, sociology, defectology, psychology, pedagogy, journalism, philology, linguistics, pedagogical education, applied mathematics and informatics, design etc.

       Nowadays, Russia’s active participation in the Bologna process sets for the Russian higher educational institutions the task of not only using of rich national traditions of higher school, but also of fully corresponding to international educational standards.

       We consider academic mobility and recognition of Russian diplomas in Europe as important positive moments of the transfer to European system of education. Mobility of students today is a reality; and also this means not only about the possibility of opportunities for training abroad, but the increasing flow of young people from different countries wishing to study in Russia. We can proudly say there are students from Russia’s neighboring states and countries outside the former Soviet Union studying in the Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute, and they are in demand in their countries upon graduating.

       The type of baccalaureate qualification is understandable for the employers abroad, because it corresponds to the international standards. In addition, the fundamental character of training allows the bachelor to show flexibility in choosing a profession. A bachelor is a professional with a diploma who has economic independence.

       We train students in socially oriented specialties, and they will be always in demand.

       The social task of the Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute is aimed to meet the intellectual needs and interests of students. The high level of content and technologies of education in the Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute is guaranteed by stable and experienced higher-education teaching personnel.

       In the Institute you not only can study, but also to perform scientific research, go in for sports, make artistic creation. It has everything you need for the establishment of social oriented and methodologically thinking person, for the formation of a clear civil and professional position of a future specialist. The students are guaranteed high-quality conditions for study and recreation, social support and interesting student life. Our graduates are fluent in their profession, are ready for continuous professional growth, social and professional mobility.

       We would like every student to find himself in a certain field of activity, to fulfill creatively his potential and to bring a tangible contribution into the development of economy and social sphere of Russia.

       We are waiting for you in the Moscow Social Pedagogical Institute – one of the fastest developing higher educational institutions of the capital region.